Introduction to Spin Dynamics

Skrevet d. 22. Aug. 2020 af Claus Nielsen.

This series consists of the first theory chapters of my PhD thesis, which describes spin dynamics. Subjects include density operator formalism, the Liouville-von Neumann equation, spin Hamiltonians, reaction operators, the radical pair mechanism, and more.

The theory presented in this article series - and in my PhD thesis - lay the foundations for the study of the radical pair-based theory of avian magnetoreception, i.e. the theory that a pair of transient radical pairs are responsible for the magnetic compass sense used by migratory song birds. Additionally, the theory may also be applied to the study of possible effects of radio waves (oscillating magnetic field in particular) on biological cells.

A few modifications were made to the text before it was brought online here as an article series, in order to conform with the format of this website. The most important change was stripping the text of all citations, and instead some relevant textbook references were added in the sidebar.

Note that the MolSpin software was developed to perform many of the calculations that are described in this article series.


Fysik 1 - Description of spin system ensembles Fysik 2 - The Spin Hamiltonian Fysik 3 - Reaction operators Fysik 4 - The radical pair mechanism Fysik 5 - Radiofrequency radiation Fysik 6 - Spin relaxation
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